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Yoga for Children and Teenagers

I've always found it easier to connect to children than adults in many ways, maybe having school teachers all around me as I grew up influenced this.  I have also noticed how children are naturally drawn to me. 


I love playing, I love adventure, I love rolling and sliding down hills, I love seeing the world through a childs eyes.  I have been gifted with the presence of two children, each brings their own unique being to this world and it has been an honour to watch in awe as their bodies have grown and adapted, to see their natural inquisitive nature, to see how they have adapted to change and to witness big souls in little bodies on so many ocassions!   

As they grow and develop they need new inputs and stimuli to help them to continue to follow their passions, to grow their unique soul path and I feel that the way I deliver these services can aid in this process.  

Maybe you work in a school and you would love to get some yoga going there, maybe you are a parent and you'd love something different for a birthday party, so many options exist here so please do get in touch to chat about your needs and the needs of your children or teenagers. 

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