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Reiki - hands on healing


I came across Reiki in 2006 when in my house share in London.  In fact it was the lovely Joanna Anjali who did my first attunement!  I remember thinking this is all a bit strange, but there was some part of me that was immediately trusting of the whole process.  I clearly remember thinking 'I trust that you will do whatever you need to do through these hands'.  

When I moved up to Scotland, one next door neighbour was a Kundalini yoga teacher and the other was a Reiki Master!  What a blessing I did my 2nd degree and 3rd degrees with him.  What a clear message from spirit of how those two practices needed to feature in my life, it was a row of only 6 houses on the Isle of Seil which is famous for having the smallest bridge over the Atlantic Ocean!!  Amazing what you find in small places!

A natural unfolding

As my personal daily practice has evolved and grown I have felt the way I deliver Reiki shift slightly.  What I offer is reiki plus a little extra magic!  In any session I surrender to the moment and am totally guided to touch, sing, dance, laugh depending on what unfolds.

The Purpose of Sessions

A session with me may leave you feeling cleaned from the inside out, it may be deeply transformative, it may be deeply relaxing.  A lot depends on your willingness to open to the process that unfolds so that the divine in you can be activated in the way it needs to be.


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