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Love's Eternal Embrace
Be nourished and held as you journey back
to the heart of yourself with
Kundalini yoga, Shakti dance, sound and much more.


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Hari Bans Angell Kaur


This website has been a long time in the making!!  My journey back home to myself began in 2007 when I'd just come out of a long term relationship.  Once I'd processed the grief, forgiven myself and my ex and could begin to see the gifts I began to ask that question - who am I?  If I could do anything tommorrow what would it be?  I put my house up for sale, registered for a Masters in Human Rights in London and I thought that I knew what was next!!  Before I left a friend had a hen weekend, one day I decided to leave the party and found myself having my palm read - this was when the real story began!  I was told to read a book called 'Conversations with God' by Neal Donald Walsh, that I knew I made my own luck in life and that I wasnt using my voice properly.  I made a note of the book whilst saying to myself I'm not going to read a book with the name God in it!!  Later on I heard from others on the hen weekend that they'd also had their palms read - they were told how many children they were going to have, when they'd get married etc - this left me feeling slightly perplexed!


I didn't think anything else about it until I arrived in a house share with 7 other people and within 5 months of being there one of them had said 'I was thinking you should read this book called....', you guessed it!!  I got my atheist Mum to buy it for me as a Christmas present and then my life shifted.  After reading that book nothing ever looked the same, it was as if a whole new world had been reopened within me.  My Masters took on another form, I began to question if placing so much focus on what governments around the world were doing wrong actually had the required effect, I wondered if projects taking Western ideas into other countries was really beneficial or whether this actually disempowered local people from finding solutions from within.  Life has never looked or felt the same since.


When I was younger I remember listening to whale music, I wrote poetry which had a spiritual edge, I was always drawing doves of peace, this had always been a part of me but as I grew older it faded into the background.  The habits of drinking, the expectations of society around getting a job, getting married etc, took over and I moved further away from this part of myself.  Looking back I can see that I began to reconnect after my relationship ended, I did a huge food cleanse, I was exercising a lot more but when I read that book everything was turned on its head and I began a deeper journey home.  A daily practice of Kundalini yoga has built strength in my physical body and nourished my soul.  Reiki opened me to the feeling of energy and to having to trust in something I couldnt see or explain.  Shakti Dance opened me to the vulnerability of not knowing and of having to trust my intuition, allowing a flow to unfold.  Singing relaxed me and opened my heart even more.  My journey has not always been easy, but I would not have it any other way because it is through those challenges that I have witnessed my growth, my strength, my grace, my wisdom, my love, my ability to forgive, my patience, my perserverance and my depth.  I am deeply grateful for all of it and for all the amazing souls I have been blessed to meet on my path.    


All of the practices offered on this site have given me experiences of who I truly am and this sense or feeling is hard to describe, so if you are keen to connect to this feeling within you, to experience your own depths, to connect to your own innate wisdom then come and join me.

As well as workshops, classes and retreats I also offer one to one sessions where we can work on a specific health concern, something from the past you wish to begin to clear or maybe you simply want more clarity and energy.

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Find out how other people have benefited by reading the testimonials below. 

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"Kundalini Yoga has been a wonderful experience for me, it is a 'mind, body and spirit' yoga which I find a more holistic experience than other yogas I have practiced.  It works on many levels and the shakti dancing is so liberating.

Hari Bans is a very inspiring teacher and supportive as she helps students to expand their boundaries."  Sharon Freer.

"Whether it’s Shakti dancing or Kundalini yoga with Hari Bans, I love the peaceful energy in her classes. I always feel grounded in the space, and I am in love with the different elements of Shakti dancing and the fun we have!"

Kali Bell 


"At Hari Ban's yoga/dance classes I instantly felt her warm welcome & knew I had found my place. Hari Bans brings expertise & dedication to her work that gave me  confidence & enthusiasm to venture out & in some cases travel quite some distance to attend her classes. I can highly recommend her teachings, you will not be disappointed." Marilyn Brownell 

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