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Mantra and Sound

As a child I would walk around the house singing Pearl Jam and Bob Dylan songs.  Quite often I was told to be quiet, other times I wasnt.  Even in my days of dancing at night clubs I loved singing along whilst grooving on the dance floor!!  In London I was drawn to a global music choir but struggled to know where my voice fitted in.

When I began doing Kundalini yoga I began to sing again, I loved the hour long Aquarian sadhana songs and how deeply song featured in the practice.  I really love doing longer mantric meditations and particularly enjoyed an all night chant I was part of in Galicia, Spain.  Singing in this way allowed me to regain confidence in my voice especially when there was no 'right' way to sing!

As time passed I noticed how people would often comment on my voice and say how beautiful it was.  The most recent was someone saying that it was very healing and reminded them of mermaids which is interesting as I get more and more drawn to a spiritual connection to water.

So if you would like to sing more why not book a one to one session or get a group of friends together and maybe treat yourself to a personalised song for your soul package.

When we sing our tongue acts like the fingers and the upper palate becomes the piano and as we chant elevating words its like we are striking the chords of our piano and stimulating the 84 meridian points located there.  As we stimulate these points we begin to restructure our brain chemistry and create new neural pathways.

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